Glasses dispensary and fittings



We feature a wide variety of designer and budget frames.  All frames come with a one year guarantee against defects and against breakage from normal wear and tear.


Our prescription lenses are satisfaction guaranteed for 90 days. We offer options such as tinting, antireflection and scratch resistant coatings, UV protection, polarization, and ultrathin designs so that you can customize your glasses to your needs.

Glasses Lense Options

Fashion sunglasses

Designer Sunglasses
at budget prices

Sleek sunglasses in every
shape and size, with options for antireflection coating,
polarization, mirror coating,
and scratch resistant coating.

Protective Eyewear for Sports

Sports and Safety Glasses

We offer specialty eyewear to keep you safe and comfortable during all types of sporting and work activites.


contact lenses

Contact Lenses

Selection of Lenses

Major brands at competitive prices with a wide variety of lenses to suit individual needs, including:

  • Gas permeable hard lenses

  • Soft lenses

  • Tinted and color lenses for exciting
    eye color changes, offered with prescriptions
    or for purely cosmetic reasons

  • Bifocal lenses

  • Lenses for astigmatism

  • One day throw-away lenses

  • New technology extended wear materials
    for improved safety and comfort

  • Fittings: Our Three Step Process

    At Family Vision Care we believe your safety is of utmost importance. Contact lenses, if improperly fit or cared for, can cause eye infection and permanent scarring. To ensure a proper, safe fit, our office uses a three step fitting process.

    Contact Lense Fitting
    Contact Lense Fitting 2
  • Dr. Locascio discusses your needs as a wearer and examines your eyes to determine what type of lenses to fit.

  • Our staff fully trains you in contact lense safety and handling.

  • To ensure a successful fit, we supply you with diagnostic lenses to use before we finalize the fit.

  • Several office visits are often required to guarantee clear vision and a comfortable, safe fit. When the process is complete, we order your supply of contacts.

    "No Questions Asked" Guarantee

    If the fitting of your lenses is discontinued for any reason within the fitting period, a refund for all contact lens materials will be made upon return of the lenses.

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